Audrey has worked in public relations for over 25 years. Backed by diverse experience in public relations, marketing and advertising, Audrey launched OverCat Communications in 1990. OverCat specializes in full service communications and event planning for lifestyle brands.  Her broad skill set includes strategic development, public relations, media relations, crisis management, event planning, and socialMore >

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Audrey Hyams Romoff

President and Owner

After graduating from the University of Guelph with bachelor of commerce degree in Marketing Management, Gillian began an internship at Fashion Magazine in their beauty department. It was during her eight months there that she became fully entrenched in the communications field, learning how the industry functions from all angles. Gillian then went to workMore >

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Gillian DiCesare

Vice President

Chelsea began her journey at the University of Western Ontario where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Media, Information and Technoculture, graduating with distinction. During her time in university, she explored her passion for advertising and completed a marketing internship with Canadian Living Magazine. After this experience, she completed a Public Relations Diploma atMore >

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Chelsea Brooks

Account Director

Valerie dedicated most of her life to a career as a professional classical ballet dancer, ultimately performing with the Israel Ballet on multiple stages across the world for over 3 years. After deciding to change her path, Valerie attended the Raphael Recanati International School in Israel, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a specializationMore >

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Valerie Ackerman

Account Director

The summer after obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in History from Queen’s University, Simona spent time at OverCat assisting with several projects. During this period, she realized she had a passion for Public Relations. She then decided to complete a graduate certificate in Public Relations & Corporate Communications at Fanshawe College where she further developedMore >

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Simona Newton

Account Director

Upon obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Communications at York University, Kathy knew she wanted to work in an environment that would allow her to build relationships and creatively express herself. This pushed Kathy to pursue various volunteer positions in the beauty and entertainment industry. This ultimately led her to Humber College where she obtainedMore >



Account Executive