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OverCat Communications is a full service communications and event-planning agency established in 1990 by Audrey Hyams Romoff. OverCat Communications has developed public relations programs, communications strategies and special events for a broad client base encompassing the retail sector, fashion and beauty industries, film, financial institutions, corporations, not-for-profit organizations and trade and consumer shows.

OverCat Communications combines its diverse experience in public relations, marketing, journalism, advertising and event planning with an energetic team who brings enthusiasm and creativity to each of its clients’ programs.

Audrey Hyams Romoff has been ranked in the top 10 of Cosmetics Magazine’s Best Beauty PR Professionals for the past 5 years.

In 2012, Audrey Hyams Romoff was nominated by Biz Bash for PR Professional of the Year for their Annual Readers’ Choice Awards.

OverCat’s philosophy

We do not conduct smoke and mirrors campaigns.
We do not waste time, money and effort shuffling paper when we can be generating results.
We respect the clients’ understanding of their brand.
We ask clients to understand our knowledge of communications strategy.
We bring a strategic approach to your business.
We push back if we feel our client’s reputation or our own will be damaged.
We accept responsibility for our work.
We do not create cookie cutter campaigns.



OverCat Communications believes in a global approach when addressing clients’ needs. In today’s climate it is increasingly important to incorporate many non-traditional elements into a public relations program. In order to create a cohesive, successful program it is essential that public relations be incorporated into the initial stages of a marketing plan. OverCat Communications works closely with all marketing partners involved in the project to ensure a high degree of consistency.

The agency develops programs which create news for clients and their products and services. We place an emphasis on promoting the unique and newsworthy, rather than simply pushing for the next placement.


OverCat’s relationships with the media are one of our greatest assets. Our clients rely on our access to top Canadian journalists to get stories placed in a variety of media. We understand how to deliver the message. OverCat Communications has established itself as a resource for editors, producers and reporters across the country. To provide our clients with a complete range of services, we have established strategic alliances with a range of top suppliers including décor specialists, entertainment companies, caterers and graphic designers.

OverCat’s Commitment

OverCat Communications maintains a realistic approach to public relations: with our diverse experience, we know what is worthy of media coverage and what is not. We work closely with our clients to develop programs which will garner maximum coverage based on particular story angles, events, sponsorships and spokespeople.